​Executive & Cognitive Functioning

For those who wish to improve their working memory and cognitive executive functions, we have proudly implemented state of the art evidence-based treatments such as Cogmed Working Memory Training, The Interactive MetronomeThe Listening Program, Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant into our practice.

"Ability & Beyond  enhances cognitive, sensory, and physical abilities to a level beyond expectations."    
- Dr. Tina Casoglos-Adamopoulos, OT, O.T.D.  
Executive Director of Ability & Beyond    

​Sensory Integration Clinic

Evaluation and treatment assists children in improvement of body awareness, motor skills, coordination, posture, attention, self regulation, and self help skills. Our clinic provides a setting for sensory integration treatment which aims to regulate our sensory processing systems. Our therapists will educate clients, family and schools on the sensory needs of your child throughout the day.


Ability and Beyond has been featured on the list for Best Pros in the Woodlands for 2018

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Occupational Therapy

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Ability And Beyond, has been recognized as one of the top The Woodlands Occupational Therapy practices.
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​​Pediatric Occupational, Physical & Speech Therapy

Our clinic specializes in treating infants, children and adolescents with a wide variety of issues, including: ​​​


- Autism Spectrum Disorder

- Auditory Processing Disorder

- Sensory Integrative Dysfunction

- Motor Planning Difficulties

- Difficulty Modulating Behavior

- Cognitive Disorders

- Processing Disorders 

- Primitive Infant Reflexes 

- Feeding Disorders

- Toe Walking

- Dyslexia

- Torticollis

- Tourette's